NW Projections 2011 Call for Entries!


NW Projections 2011 Call For Entries from Wilson Large on Vimeo.


Submissions to the NW Projections 2011 Film Festival Are Open


Deadlines for Pacific Northwest filmmakers is Feb 6th 2011 for early submissions and March 7th 2011 for late submissions. Submission fees are $20 for early submissions and $25 for late submissions.

Northwest Projections is now accepting submissions for its 2011 season happening April 15th-17th. All Pacific Northwest filmmakers are eligible. This marks the 11th year for NW Projections and it’s the first year the films will be screened at the new state of the art Pickford Film Center. An exciting line-up of film professionals will be present as guest speakers, workshop leaders and to share their experiences with attendees.

Submission Guidelines and Categories

All Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, B.C. Canada & Idaho) filmmakers or films shot in the Pacific Northwest are eligible. Films should have a completion date of no earlier than Jan. 1st 2009. Early submission can be made thru Feb 6th 2011 and late submissions thru March 7th2011. Submission can be made online from the NW Projections web site (www.nwprojections.com ) via the familiar Paypal & yousendit systems.

Submission categories this year include the familiar Feature Film, Narrative Short and Documentary Short along with the new THEEMSS category:

Feature Film- A narrative film longer than 45 minutes or Documentary film longer than 30 minutes in length.

Narrative Short- A short film 45 minutes or less that has a standard narrative plot line telling a fictional story with a beginning, middle and end.

Documentary Short- A short film about real events and people telling their story with a beginning, middle and end.

T.H.E.E.M.S.S. (Trailers, Horror, Experimental, Episodic, Music, Social or Sports short)- Any short film from any topic in the category acronym. These shorts should be 30 minutes or less. (Note: Social media should be a take on the type of commentary videos that are popular on youtube with a character hosting a discussion on current or popular events. Episodic should be a pilot episode or other episode in an ongoing serial narrative story.)

Pickford Film Center

All selected films will be screened at the brand new Pickford Film Center, a non-profit organization that believes in providing a place for people to watch quality independent films and a venue for independent filmmakers to screen their shorts and features. The PFC also provides opportunities for networking and education in the film industry and is a proud sponsor of NW Projections, The Guerilla Film Project, Rocket Sci-Fi Matinees, Children’s Film Festival and Leopold Classics. With 250 seats on two screens and a new lobby with café and concessions for after film dining and discussions the Pickford Film Center is a perfect venue for NW Projections 2011.

Pickford Program Director Michael Falter- Michael describes hosting NW Projections this way- “Something that we have always said at the Pickford Film Center is that films change lives. I also think that people who watch films change lives, and thus by extension, so do filmmakers. The NW Projections Film Festival gives filmmakers and attendees a perfect opportunity to carry through on this promise and change lives”.

Festival Director Wilson Large

Wilson is focused on delivering the most amazing festival experience in Whatcom county and possibly Washington State. “I have been involved in this festival in one form or another for ten years now and am so excited and honored to be the one to host the first festival at the long awaited Pickford Film Center on Bay St.” Wilson said. “We are currently looking for excited and motivated festival volunteers to help create this year’s festival. Anyone interested in making history with NW Projections should contact us at the email address or phone number below.”

Varvid Enables Submissions over the Web

Submissions this season are being accepted over the web, thanks to Varvid, a local video production company. Varvid helps clients leverage their existing online presence via video case studies, live event webcasting, social media integration, and emerging online video portals. “Varvid has strong affinities with the NW Projections 2011, as we’re both huge advocates of individual expression via the powerful media of film and video”, Varvid’s staff said. “At Varvid we recognize the importance of visual media, as it allows human beings to express themselves in ways that were entirely impossible prior to the establishment of the cinematic art form. We’re proud to have played a role in helping Wilson Large, and the rest of the NW Projections team, in the conceptualization and construction of http://www.nwprojections.com”.

Workshops and Guest Speakers

Guest speakers and workshop leaders are still being lined up, but if this year’s guests are of the quality of previous years speakers you will not want to miss out. Previous years guests included:

Sara E. White- a producer and production manager for a variety of films and TV including Iron Man, Fast and Furious, Daredevil, The X-Files, and the newly completed Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.

Brian Sipe- an Emmy Award-winning makeup and makeup effects artist who worked as an effects technician on Star Trek Nemesis, The Curios Case of Benjamin Button, 2009’s Star Trek and Son of the Mask.

Michael Blundell- an award winning cinematographer who has worked on Star Gate Universe, Star Gate Atlantis, Jeremiah and Northern Exposure.

David Geddes- an award winning cinematographer who has worked on Life Unexpected, Sanctuary, Halloween: Resurrection, and Night at the Museum.

R.W. Goodwin- an award winning Producer and Director of such favorites as The X-Files, Tru Calling, Alien Trespass and The Cody Rivers Show.

Lisa Beach- is a multiple award winning Casting Director. She has worked on such projects as Knight and Day, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (TV Series), Identity, Scream 3 and Girl Interrupted.

Eric Chauvin- an award winning Visual Effects artist who has worked on Lost, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, War of the Worlds, the Mists of Avalon and Star Trek: Voyager.

Lisa Beach- is a multiple award winning Casting Director. She has worked on such projects as Knight and Day, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (TV Series), Identity, Scream 3 and Girl Interrupted.

Albert Pyun- a prolific Director, Writer and Producer of over 50 films Albert is best known for his stylistic and hypnotic work on films like Cyborg, The Sword and the Sorcerer, the Nemesis series and the recent Bulletface.

More-For more information about the festival, to volunteer to help or to find out about sponsorship packages, contact Wilson Large at Wilson@pickfordfilmcenter.org


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