Narrative Shorts


“You Never Know”

Director: Brian Russell; Mal has lost his girl and only the loss of Brandon’s beloved fish can make him realize what needs to be done.

RT:14 Min.



Director: Heather Ayers. A woman severs the tie with her mother to save herself.

RT: 12 Min.



“Chumo (The Brides Price)”

Director: Jordan Riber; Juma, a poor fisherman, loves to tell tales and Amina loves to hear his stories. They long to be together, but her father Ali wants more for his daughter.

RT: 44 Min.


“Estate of Mine”

Director: Louise Amandes; An eighty-four year old woman passes away and transforms to a ghost. She is determined to bring her belongings with her to the other side.

RT: 10 Min.