Director: Sean Leonard and Stephen Novotny; The subject of a psychology study loses his identity after deciding to follow a woman whose presence deteriorates his sight, invigorating his desire to be seen.

RT: 35 Min.




“A Boys Journey”

Director: Bob Ridgely; Live actors, puppet animation and miniature theater sets all convey a boy who feels he doesn’t fit in and his quest to meet interesting people from around the world.

RT: 9:39 Min.


“Bellingham State of Mind”

Director: Chris Patton; Music video for a song by Nathan Cox celebrating the highlights of Bellingham, Washington.

RT 4:41 Min.



“Abstract Bicycle”

Director: Shawn Collins; Experimental stop motion animation with music composed using sounds from bicycle parts, such as plucked spokes and freewheels spinning.

RT: 1:15 Min.



“The Balloon Man”

Director: Julia Clifford and Bob Ridgley; In this sweet quirky short animation, all sorts of mischief occurs when the balloon man comes to town.

RT 1:35 Min.


“Sad Story”

Director: Edward Davee; Music video for “Sad Story” by Portland-based band, Tu Fawning in support of their 2011 release and European tour. Shot on HD and Super 16mm.

RT: 4:42 Min.




Director: Ben Rapson; A passionate silent dance film about being caught between childhood and adulthood, ‘Teething’ ignites your imagination and reminds you that though we may get older, we never grow up.

RT: 5:57 Min.



“Time’s Up Eve”

Director: Patrick Rea; In the 1940s, a woman is pursued by creatures who want to possess her soul.

RT: 13 Min.



“Do Not Disturb”

Director: Patrick Rea; A mysterious man, hiding from the police, is visited by an unseen admirer.

15 Min.



“Get Off My Porch”

Director: Patrick Rea; A man, home alone, is harassed by persistent Girl Scouts selling delicious cookies.

RT: 13:21 Min.